A piece with mice on DNA and the science of inheritance for the Macro Micro show at the Light Grey Art Lab.
A vivid tropical design featuring a flamingo and cherries for a line of goods available for sale.
A bright design with a friendly sloth surrounded with fruit for sale on many different goods.
A new mural featuring a golden eagle and a verse written to explore the nature of experience and its relation to form.
A series cute characters, food, and pairings for TACK, a line of temporary tattoos based out of New York.
A downloadable free font for the language of cute in three different weights and with a full set of glyphs
A large vector painting exploring the classic romantic and existential concept of being married to the sea.
Branding work for streetwear line City for Kings and Noble Collab. Identity, print, online, and t-shirt collateral.
A pattern exploring the organic elegance and brilliance of the Tiger Lily.
A vibrant explosion of energy and color for Minneapolis based design studio Very Inc.
This is a melding of all cultures and concepts in to poetry, silk banners and collateral. Maneki neko, exploding california grizzlies and elephant palaquins.
A colorful and cast of characters and variety of personalities. Welcome to the CatCat world, where cuteness is valued above all else.
A series of cats with every different suit of the card deck. Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades worn in fantastic patterns on persian cats.
A Mandarin Duck illuminated in a nature scene placed on a variety of things for a series of home goods evoking Russian handicrafts.
Used for Pre-Conference entertainment and announcements at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. The slides form a colorful and abstract sequence.
The two egrets stand decoratively in the glade while the statement pronounces sage advice. A print made of pixels that have been decorated.
A redesign of an encyclopedia of superstitions in which a system, illustrations, and type elements were created. The book is bound by hand
A poster for the MCAD All School Project 2011, which had the theme of Memory. These posters were exhibited at the school for weeks advertising the event.
A pattern involving the famous experiment measuring the biofeedback of anticipation. Science being a lifelong love of mine I wanted to make this an homage.
Patterning involving two different robots that is reminiscent of Crackerjack prizes and arcades
Two emblematic kudu decorating a tunic. This design is available on an American Apparel base tunic and stands out as the horns of the kudu prettily frame the neckline.
A fluorescent Japanese golden eagle within the clouds against the Mt. Fuji backdrop. This was designed as a skate deck for Element.
An illustration of a bathing member of a narcotic royal family that exists in a world rarely seen by the rest of us. The aesthetic reflects Miami Vice.
A illustration of a depressed laid-off professional on the bus ride home. A sister piece to Blue Blood and continuing the interpretation of the color blue.
Slides detailing the origin of Pop Surrealism. This is one of the most popular new genres but its themes haven't been studied extensively in a formal way.
A three layer screen print. This piece was made to incorporate intangibility and abstraction in to a flat graphic. Exhibited by the Society of Illustrators New York in Spring 2011.
A screen print of Crystal Castles. This piece was painted by hand and then screenprinted in each of the CMYK process colors. The aesthetic speaks to that found in the music.
Illustrations utilizing elements of the Pacific Coast style native american art. I used the forms of this tradition to make original and updated pieces.
The iconic Lady Gaga, surrounded in an aura of her own opulence. She cuts an iconic form being one of the great cultural icons of the current generation.
I'm sure you have come across this scenario many times before, what would happen in a battle between a bear cyborg and a wolf cyborg?
The cards are designed to portray a different idea with each color of the CMYK and Silver process. The printing press removed the inks and these are the results.
Invitations and stationery for girls. These are selections from a series that I created to be sold on the website of this print-on-demand business.
A publication detailing the form of existence in the first ten dimensions. Illustration, photography, and the grid system paints original and informative graphics.
A booklet from an inspiring bit of poetry by Why? frontman Yoni Wolf. The aesthetic is one of a curiousity, which speaks to the interpretation of the song for me.
Tags manufactured for the apparel at ROBOTlove, these were used and reproduced to mark some of the pieces that were for sale in the Minneapolis-based store.
A majestic spaceship graphic made as a celebration of a mascot. The fabric of space is presented in a geometrically perfect and interweaving way.
Various Screen Prints for multiple purposes. Included is a portrait of a man made out of 80% Helvetica letterforms, an inuit design, and a precious animal collection.
Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This poster is a series of compositions of outlines of German protesters and officers.
An interpretation of a passage from The Metamorphosis. I used overall themes and elements that I thought meshed with the Lynch-esque aspect of the story to create this illustration.
Typography of all of our favorite travel-related pastimes. The number one goal of this piece was to incorporate an attractive appropriation of crocs.
A piece featuring a magnificent procession through the arctic environment. This piece appears in a back issue of CMYK magazine.
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